Laughing Out Loud: Hastert Knows When To Hire Them and When to Fire Them


This exchange between Rep. Ray Lahood and Bob Schieffer is just lovely (posted at Crooks and Liars):

Lahood: Look at, I give Speaker Hastert high marks for strong leadership.
He took care of Tom DeLay, his best friend. When Tom was having ethical problems, the speaker went to him and asked him to leave.
When he appointed Duke Cunningham to the intelligence committee, he went to Duke and made sure he wasn’t on the intelligence committee after it was disclosed he took 2.3 million dollars.
And when Bob Ney was appointed chairman of the House administration committee, he was appointed by Speaker Hastert. Speaker Hastert went to him and told him to step down from that committee after the Abramoff disclosures.
Hastert has the ability to take on these big ethical challenges that our party has faced. . .
Bob: But, but. . .”chuckle”. . . what you’re saying when you list all these Congressman is that he did appoint some of these people who turned out to be crooks.
So doesn’t he have something to answer for there?

Gold star for Bob Schieffer today.
— Steve Clemons


6 comments on “Laughing Out Loud: Hastert Knows When To Hire Them and When to Fire Them

  1. parrot says:

    I think Jon Stopa has it right. Hastert was there to be the front man for DeLay if Hastert should ever rise to the office of President. You see, who better to pardon everyone then ol’ Dennis Hastert? He sees no evil, even if everything stinks to high heaven. It’s simple machine politics straight out of Tweed’s Tamminy Hall playbook. These crooks studies political science in college. They know exactly how this sort of thing works…and they know the ways of making it look “natural”. But, let’s hope that their individual self-interest gets the better of each of them under the spot light of justice and they begin a legal circular firing squad–that’s why not much has gotten done the past year in Congress, each of them has been waiting with bated breath for someone to drop a shoe.


  2. Jon Stopa says:

    Dennis Hastert–Hmm…
    If Bush and Cheney, for some reason–say injury, or Impeachment–are unable to finish their terms, we would have President of the United States, Dennis Hastert.
    It has a certain ring to it.


  3. Constant says:

    My view on the Foley-GOP public comments: Time to do a public audit of the House leadersihp. Make them show they have a credible internal control system, and publicly show us the peformance audits-checklists the House leadership has been using to lead the House. Let the evidence speak for itself. [Auditing the House Leadership: What To Look For: , link under my name]


  4. Carroll says:

    When are we gonna get a law requiring I.Q. test for anyone running for politic office?


  5. buck turgidson says:

    One other important thing about this Lahood exchange–he lies like a rug.
    TPM took this apart point by point (although I don’t recall which blogger). Hastert not only failed to ask DeLay to step aside, he and his staffers did everything possible to keep him in power.
    Not only did he fail to remove Cunningham or ask him to resign, Cunningham did not resign from the committee until he was convicted and forced to resign from Congress. And Bob Ney still has not resigned.
    What a crook! Are there any Republicans left who can tell the truth at least once in a while?


  6. i know better now says:

    Lahood…of Lebanese ancestry. While the Israelis committed war crimes, he stood silent. Nothing this man would have to say could be in the least bit significant to me.


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