I Wonder What Bill Clinton Thinks When He Reads This. . .


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Mount Vernon
Mount Vernon, Virginia, 1:51 P.M. EDT
MRS. BUSH: Well, I’m so happy to have the opportunity to welcome Mrs. Abe to Washington. Later this evening, President Bush and I, and Prime Minister Abe and Mrs. Abe will have dinner together at the White House. But I thought it would be really fun for me, and I hope for her, too, to have this chance to visit Mount Vernon, the home of our first President. Mount Vernon, as you can tell from all the tourists you’ve already seen, is a very, very popular place for Americans to visit, but it’s also a popular place for Japanese tourists to come. And other Prime Ministers have been hosted — from Japan — has been hosted here, as well as members of the Japanese Royal Family.
So it’s a thrill to have this chance to bring Mrs. Abe to Mount Vernon.
MRS. ABE: (As translated.) I have met Mrs. Laura Bush during the APEC meeting, so this is the second time I am meeting her. And I was looking forward very much to coming to the United States.
I have been to Washington, D.C. many times, but this is my first visit to Mount Vernon. This is a place of history. And I heard that Mrs. Laura Bush liked this place very much, and I am so pleased that she has taken me to her favorite place.
And I have also been treated to a wonderful lunch. I understand that this is the place that honors the President of the United States, President Washington. I was very moved that many Americans, as well as many children, come here to study American history. And I think that is a wonderful thing.
Tonight I will have dinner with President Bush and Mrs. Bush at the White House. I am looking forward to that very much, as well. And I think my two days here will be very meaningful.
Thank you very much, all.
MRS. BUSH: Thank you, everybody. Thank you so much, and welcome again.

I don’t have anything more to add. But I have a hunch that if Hillary wins the election, Bill is going to demand that “Ambassador to the World” title really, really fast — then get out of town — and hopefully never have to make anodyne comments like these.
— Steve Clemons


7 comments on “I Wonder What Bill Clinton Thinks When He Reads This. . .

  1. RobLocihfer says:

    My take on this matter of the Clinton”s deviant
    morality is the same as Mr. Morrows. The Office of
    President demands a person of impeccable quality.
    In the course of three plus decades a rap sheet of unending misceance dictates that these 2 professional politicians should be placed under microscopic investigation. The Electorate is deluded
    in their thinking that criminals will promote an
    honorable lifestyle.
    Being neither Democrat nor Republican , my prediction for this Country is; President -elect
    whatever her name is will cede the entire Demcorat
    party to Communism. After all it is the Communists that have them bought and paid for. This transition shouldn’t be to hard . Like the misnomer The Peoples Republic of China, they can make the switch to; The communist dmeocratic party
    pending the overthrow of the United States by Marxist Socialist Congressmen, that rubberstamp anything that promotes disdain of the Constitution. Its a sad day in America when the voter has to choose the lesser of twoevils.


  2. Pissed Off America says:

    Morrow just posts his inane crap to get a rise out of us. It usually works, at least with me. I’m particularly fond of calling someone an asshole when I know the comment will recieve widespread agreement. Isn’t unity grand?


  3. daCascadian says:

    Hey Morrow, you got Cheeto smears all over the place. Get out of your mom`s basement & get a life man (and I use that term loosely).
    So when are the adults going to return to political offices around the world ?
    “Envy is thin because it bites but never eats.” – Spanish proverb


  4. Robert Morrow says:

    In order to understand why the Clintons behave as they do, you have to understand the Jerry Springer lifestyle that these 2 Yale lawyers have volunteered to live for 36 years. Hillary’s and Bill’s criminal activities are directed related to covering up this massive dysfunction. The harassment campaign on Kathleen Willey in ’97-98, ditto Liz Ward Gracen, beating up Gary Johnson (6-26-92), possibly murdering Jerry Parks; hiring thugs like Jack Palladino and Anthony Pellicano, using state troopers as goons, harassment campaign on Patrick Knowlton Oct. ’95 – all these things are related to Hillary trying to cover up the Ugly Truth. Hillary was so bold as to tell TIME in June, 1996 – while she knew Bill had a harem in the White House – “We are hoping to have another child” maybe ADOPTING one.
    The past 36 years are Hillary’s resume for public office, what a joke. If the Demos want to spend 6 months talking about Hillary’s knowledge and coverup of Juanita Broaddrick in 1978, all they have to do is nominate Nuerse Ratched. If I have to personally tell every swing woman voter in PA, OH and FLA about the Clintons’ abuse of women, I will.
    The Clintons are a tag team: first Bill rapes or sexually assaults a woman, then Hillary psychologically rapes them again with the secret police or the IRS. Most swing women voters know NOTHING about what I am telling you (now). All they know is a little Monica blow job and think Hillary is some sort of a victim.
    When I tell women about Hillary’s true nature as a misogynist and woman abuser, and I read them some typically abusive Hillary quotes, the reaction of these women is strong and severely negative towards Hillary.
    Of course, every trashy thing Hillary and Bill have done for 36 years is relevant – we are talking the presidency here- and if Hillary is the nominee, it will be discussed in microscopic detail.


  5. HyperIon says:

    i’n not sure what Clemons is angling toward with this post but Morrow’s agenda is obvious.
    and Rosengart is correct….Morrow’s product is WAY past its “Sell By” date. man, get a f’ing clue.


  6. Ben Rosengart says:

    Mr. Morrow, it is no longer 1997, and there is no longer any market for what you are peddling.


  7. Robert Morrow says:

    Speaking of Bill. I have over 200+ books and other media on the Clintons, including many books from their (former) very close friends Larry Nichols, L.D. Brown, Gennifer Flowers, Dolly Kyle Browning plus many others.
    It is astounding how completely sexually out-of-control Bill has been since the 1960’s to the present. A close friend of his says that Bill at Oxford in 68-69 had “a minimum of 30 women and I stress the word minimum.” And wild Bill, who did not use condoms according to Juanita Broaddrick (rape), Gennifer Flowers (paid for an abortion – Jan, 1978), Bobbie Ann Williams (probably had a child with in 1984-85) – wild Bill kept up this behavior into the 2000’s when he was partying with Ron Burkle and Jim Levin.
    It was the same in Bill’s losing ’74 campaign for Congress – chicks galore, all through the 70’s and 1980’s. Hillary sent her father and brother Hughie to run off the lovely Marla Crider, a 20 year old UA student who Bill has dating (using) in the campaign [along with 5 others.]
    Bill’s had sex with everyone from Miss America (perhaps a date rape), 5 Miss Arkansas’s, campaign donors (Denise Richards, Barbara Streisand, etc.), interns galore, drug addicted street hookers (no condom), and even the night manager at McDonald’s Little Rock – a women described as a black lady with, yes, blonde hair, about 4’8″ tall, 230-240 lbs, with 2 gold teeth. She said, although Bill was “iddy biddy,” he was a WILD MAN for oral sex.
    On 10-11-75, Bill was fondling and making out with another woman in the bathroom at his “wedding” reception!! Paula Jones – who Bill lies when he says he has never met her – says red-faced Bill, talking “horny-like,” displayed his iddy biddy thing and told her to “Kiss it.”
    As for Hillary, she probably had big-lipped Chelsea with big-lipped Webb Hubbell as the dad. Larry Nichols SWEARS they were having an affair. Hillary walks in one day in 1978and says “I got to get in Rose, I’m gonna fuck Hubbell.” She is referring to making partner.
    After Hubbell, Hillary’s lover, boyfriend and emotional husband was Vince Foster. While Bill was out running around, Vince was her Rock. It was Vince and Hillary who hired Jerry Parks to spy on wild Bill, documenting his gargantuan affairs and drug use AS GOVERNOR. Jerry Parks was murdered, blown away in broad daylight in Little Rock on 9-26-93. I think Hillary, Bill and Buddy Young, then #2 at FEMA, organized the murder of Vince Foster. Just like they organized the savage, near death beating of Gary Johnson on 6-26-92 (because he was a neighbor of Gennifer Flowers and he had security camera videotapes of Bill often entering Gennifer’s condo.)
    The fact that Hillary is probably a lesbian is absolutely of no concern to me compared to the real issue of the Clintons: their use of a secret police and criminal intimidation tactics on many, many people.
    Hillary needs to be defeated in the Demo primary and when she is, it will be good for Democrats, Republicans and Americans.
    I think a fair punishment for Hillary and Bill would be to lock them in a jail cell for 5 years, 23 of 24 hours/day, WITH EACH OTHER.
    The actual penalties for beating up people, criminal harassment campaigns, rape and possibly murdering Jerry Parks would be much more severe.


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