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talkinghead_leftg.gifBob Wright is the new P.T. Barnum of some of the most interesting virtual political and policy web-discussions anywhere at He invited me to spend about an hour with him yesterday discussing Barack Obama’s speech, currents in our evolving foreign policy, and general takes on Iraq, Iran, the Middle East broadly, and China.
Wright, who has been writing up a storm for the New York Times this past month, throws out some fascinating ideas that we both wrestled with on the subject of Israel’s nukes and Iran’s hunger for them.
Because it was mentioned during the discussion, I’m already being deluged for requests for the April 2003 New York Times article that I wrote after the Iraq invasion suggesting a stakeholder model to build a new class of political and economic winners in Iraq — who were helped by us. This is the proposal in which I suggested that the Alaska Permanent Fund might be a model for distributing oil wealth to Iraqi citizens much like we helped break up aristocratic estates in Japan then distributing this land to farmers throughout the country.
More soon.
— Steve Clemons


2 comments on “Bob Wright & Steve Clemons on <em></em>

  1. Carroll says:

    That was a good discussion.
    I have seen some of Wright’s writting but didn’t know he had a blog.


  2. Scott Paul says:

    I’m just finishing up Bob Wright’s book these days. Very interesting stuff. If you’re interested in a different view of culture, history, and biology, I’d highly recommend Nonzero.
    Seems like an interesting gig, Steve. In fact, I just watched your take on the Obama speech. I don’t agree 100S% with your take on it, but mostly I think that’s because of my expectations of this kind of speech at this point in the presidential campaign, not because of any particular difference on ideology or issues.


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