What a Jobs, Jobs, Jobs Strategy Should Look Like



This is a guest note by Ralph Gomory, one of the nation’s leading thinkers about technology, innovation, and the productivity health of national economies. Gomory previously served as IBM’s Senior Vice President for Science and Technology and subsequently as the immediate past president of the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation. This essay first ran on The Huffington Post. A Time for Action: Jobs, Prosperity and National Goals Here in the United States, we talk endlessly about the importance of free trade…

What Does Obama Want?



Neocon chronicler Jacob Heilbrunn, who like many realist foreign policy mavens supported President Obama’s candidacy, is unsure of what President Obama actually wants to achieve at this point. What are his priorities? What is he really gambling assets to achieve? Read the entire piece (which admittedly does quote a line of mine). Heilbrunn starts: What does Barack Obama want? That is the central question of his presidency that he has not answered. And he didn’t answer it last night, either,…

Geithner: Wall Street Wouldn’t Like Elizabeth Warren



A DC insider close enough to Secretary of the Treasury Timothy Geithner shared with me a vignette in which someone suggested to him that he find a way to diversify the “image” of his relationships with the economy community and broaden it to include people like Elizabeth Warren. This person implied that someone had suggested Geithner consider Warren for a Treasury Deputy Secretary position. Elizabeth Warren is the Leo Gottlieb Professor of Law at Harvard Law School, Chair of the…

The “No False Choice in Middle East” Awards



Former Senator Chuck Hagel‘s strong statement made in a Brookings speech some years ago that the United States could not afford a false choice between our strong relationship with Israel on one side and Arab and Palestinian interests on the other continues to be the sensible frame through which I look at the region and US policy. But there are many Congressmen and Senators who allow their own false choices to dominate, when their should be balance. A new start-up…

Can We Win Hearts and Minds While Night Raids Continue?



In case you haven’t seen it yet, Anand Gopal, who has reported from Afghanistan for the Wall Street Journal and the Christian Science Monitor, has just written a disturbing and important piece for Tom Dispatch on night raids and “black” prison sites in Afghanistan. The piece also appears on The Nation‘s site. The use of night raids by ISAF and non-ISAF American forces are among the most controversial aspects of the war effort in Afghanistan, because they sometimes result in…

Please Give Us More Press Conferences with Bill Burton: Fun w/Charlie Crist and Rahm



I can’t help it. I’ve always been partial to Bill Burton who I think did and continues to do an outstanding job in the communications operation of the Obama political franchise. He only got on my annoyed side once when the Obama campaign summarily executed Rob Malley, one of the most important and thoughtful American deal-crafters in the Middle East, who was advising the Obama campaign on Israel/Palestine matters. As part of Malley’s “real job” at the International Crisis Group,…

Guest Post by Patrick Doherty: SOTU – Cart Before The Horse



Patrick Doherty is deputy director of the New America Foundation/American Strategy Program. For a moment last night, watching President Barack Obama’s first state of the Union address, I got excited. Here was that moment: From the day I took office, I’ve been told that addressing our larger challenges is too ambitious; such an effort would be too contentious. I’ve been told that our political system is too gridlocked, and that we should just put things on hold for a while….

Obama SOTU Live-Blogging: Short Hand



World War II. Beaches, Troops. Challenges. Feel sorry for me — crappy circumstances. Tough economy. Tough national security position. FEEL FOR ME. For troubled Americans — with children — Some are frustrated, some are angry. People are tired of partisanship. Why won’t Wall Street make things better? “I have not been more hopeful than I am tonight.” [Congressman and Senators stand up — but comment falls flat on my crowd watching.] What unifies Republicans and Democrats — “We all hated…

Leo Hindery: The Sort of SOTU I Wish President Obama Would Give



This is a guest note by Leo Hindery. Hindery’s take first appeared at The Huffington Post, above the fold, top of the column Leo Hindery, Jr. chairs the US Economy/Smart Globalization Initiative at the New America Foundation. He is the former chief executive of AT&T Broadband and other major media and telecom companies. THE SORT OF SOTU I WISH PRESIDENT OBAMA WOULD GIVE If I was helping draft the 2010 State of the Union speech, I would start off by…