Will the Main Stream Media Report that Dreier was Blocked Because He is GAY?


I have just done a quick search at News.Google.com just to see what media outlets in the Google roster have posted anything about David Dreier being knocked out of contention for the House Majority Leader position like a pre-ordained, gay-leaning priest trying to get into Pope Benedict XVI’s Catholic Church.
I just searched under “Dreier” and “homosexual” and three citations came up — all blogs. I’m sure that there will be at least some mention in the main stream press, but thus far these blogs at AlterNet.org, RedState.org (be warned — this link is tough to find even after registering), and OutsideTheBeltway.org are the only ones up. Many other bloggers are on this as well — particularly at RawStory.
However, if the Republican-Majority-Leader-to-be was preempted because he was gay, that is real news. I haven’t heard the commentary yet, but several people have reported to me that CNN’s Wolf Blitzer stated that Dreier was blocked at the last moment because he was pro-choice, from Southern California, and had “other issues” — the last part stated in a low and halting voice.
If true, what is that about, Wolf? If Dreier — who is one of the most powerful and, frankly, capable members of House Republican leadership — Chairman of the powerful Rules Committee — was stopped from stepping into the indicted Tom DeLay’s seat because he was gay — can we finally get beyond the blogs and onto the pages of the New York Times and Washington Post about this real news?
Dreier was blocked because he has a long-term, loving relationship with someone of the same sex. This has been documented on many fronts and is widely known by members of Dreier’s own caucus. If the reality of this blocked Dreier’s ascension, then the news has a duty not to keep this matter hidden.
I’m pleased by Tom DeLay’s fall from grace. But I’m irritated by the main stream media’s complicity in hiding the bigotry that runs unchecked through a significant quarter of the Republican party.
I hope Dreier throws a few punches back.
— Steve Clemons