CONSERVATIVE POLITICAL SCIENTIST HENRY NAU SAID IT ALL YESTERDAY. When asked what message a Bush loss would send terrorists and the rest of the world if this President were to lose the election, he responded that the message America would be sending is: “DEMOCRACY.”
This comment came during an interesting exchange I moderated yesterday between Nau and former National Security Advisor to Vice President Al Gore, Leon Fuerth, who is now a Research Professor at the Elliott School at George Washington University.
They presented conservative and liberal dimensions of a grand stategy for American Policy, based in part on opening chapters each wrote in an interesting new book called Divided Diplomacy and the Next Administration: Conservative and Liberal Alternatives, which is a collection of interesting left vs. right policy essays by Elliott School faculty.
This debate between Nau and Fuerth, with my own editorial comments, will air on C-Span over the next few days.
Compare Henry Nau’s advocacy for George Bush — tempered with the maturity that a loss for his candidate means democracy is working — to this paranoid article by Clifford May that asserts that if George Bush loses, it is because of United Nations manipulation.
I really hope that whether or not George Bush wins or loses in the election today, that the type of conservative Henry Nau typifies takes back his or her party from those who clearly do not trust democracy.
— Steve Clemons