What John Bolton Replied “NO” To. . .The Text of the Question


The Senate Foreign Relations Committee requires that all nominees that come before the Committe for confirmation answer a roster of questions, which must be answered truthfully and as if under oath.
This is the question that Karen Hughes recently responded to in the affirmative. It is also the question to which John Bolton responded, definitely, “NO”.
From the Senate Foreign Relations Committee Disclosure Form:

Interviews — Have you been interviewed or asked to supply any information in connection with any administrative (including an inspector general), Congressional or grand jury investigation within the past 5 years, except routine Congressional testimony? If so, provide details.

MSNBC stands by its story that lawyers involved in the Valerie Plame grand jury report that John Bolton was interviewed. CNN and other networks report that the White House and State Department are unofficially — though not officially — denying that Bolton met the grand jury or any of its investigators.
Someone is fibbing. Did John Bolton testify? If he did, when did he do so? Will the State Department be sending over an amended disclosure form soon?
This is still cooking.
— Steve Clemons