Video Note

Steve Clemons – Open Up Exchange and Travel With Cuba

On Day One, the next president needs to take stock of how eroded and degraded our foreign policy position is with much of the world. One of the lowest hanging fruit opportunities to improve our foreign policy portfolio is to use people-to-people exchange, cultural exchange, and relaxed travel allowances to open up our relationship with Cuba.

Steve Clemons on the 2008 State of the Union Address

Steve Clemons (Senior Fellow and Director, American Strategy Program) gives his thoughts, ideas, commentary and criticism of President George W. Bush’s final State of the Union address.

Steve Clemons, Steve Coll & Peter Bergen on Pakistan

Steve Clemons, Steve Coll and Peter Bergen discuss Pakistani stability, US foreign policy, Musharraf’s waning power and Bhutto’s assassination.

Steve Clemons & Mark Schmitt on the New Hampshire Primaries

Steve Clemons (Senior Fellow and Director, American Strategy Program) and Mark Schmitt (Senior Fellow) of the New America Foundation take a few minutes to discuss and analyze the outcome of the New Hampshire primaries.

Steven Clemons on U.S. Israeli relations

Steve Clemons discusses the evolving questions and issues surrounding U.S. led efforts at a Middle East peace deal. What are the pitfalls for the United States in this new effort to broker peace? What does the future likely hold for U.S.-Israeli relations?