US Embassy in Honduras: Get Schakowsky Some Transport


Congresswoman Jan Schakowsky speaks at Chicago Town Hall.jpg
Just ran into Sarah Stephens of the Center for Democracy in the Americas and some of her groupies on the way to Miami where Stephens is meeting up with Congresswoman Jan Schakowsky and then flying off to Honduras.
I’m flying to Havana.
I know I’m going to have a car ready in Cuba — but my friends here are surprised that thus far the US Embassy Honduras is saying it doesn’t have any car support for her trip — and she’s actually trying to mend this presidential mess.
This may be a normal logistics problem, but one must wonder whether Senator Jim DeMint who arguably was then agitating against US foreign policy in favor of those who led a presidential ouster and expulsion out of the country got a car from the US Embassy.
If not, perhaps Roberto Micheletti provided one.
Elections are scheduled in Honduras for November 29th.
— Steve Clemons