A small meeting I hosted on Thursday with former National Security Advisors Brent Scowcroft and Zbigniew Brzezinski to inaugurate the launch of a suite of new foreign policy programs at the New America Foundation continues to draw attention.
Watch for an article in tomorrow’s New York Times by Steve Weisman that draws on material from the luncheon discussion. There are now countless articles out there on the web that address Scowcroft’s comments and President Bush’s rebuttal.
There are also many who are writing about Zbigniew Brzezinski’s comments that America must address the fact that it has already suffered a major moral set back and military set back because of the Iraq War. Brzezinki’s comments that to win this war, America would have to commit 500,000 troops, spend $200 billion a year, consider reinstituting the draft, and take other steps have also stirred debate.
The rough transcript of their remarks (which were extemporaneous) is available here. We are still working on the Q&A section.
If you would like to watch the speeches and Q&A, you may click here and watch the event over the web.
More to come.
— Steve Clemons