<em>The Washington Note</em> Hits the Road: Travel Alert


One of the intimidating parts of writing a blog is that if one is lucky, lots of people read it — and those people are scattered pretty far around. Last time I was in London, my significant other and I struck up a conversation with some folks at a pub who said that the two blogs they read were Talking Points and The Washington Note. I know. . .that pic is really not very good.
In any case, I am hitting the road again. I am participating in a couple of conferences — but the real reason for these longish travels is to get a working action plan to launch a serious new competitive movement to unseat neoconservatives. That requires time, thinking, list development, and some writing.
I am publishing these destinations and dates in case any of you see any good that I can do while in these regions. But don’t worry — I will be a “virtual presence” in Washington.
February 21 – February 25
Kuaui, Hawaii
February 25 – March 5
Honolulu, Hawaii
March 22 – March 26
London, United Kingdom
March 26 – April 1
Doha, Qatar
I will be obssessed with finding wifi spots — so tips appreciated.
— Steve Clemons