The “Summary of Concerns” as Prepared by Staff of Senate Foreign Relations Committee


Senator Lugar’s very, very long opening statement is actually making the case of why John Bolton is NOT a candidate of impeccable credentials — and not likely to be a candidate that most Americans can support of whom feel proud. He keeps making the case of the opposition — and then saying that “this should not be a disqualifying factor.”
Fascinating. Hope you are watching C-Span 3.
Here is the opening paragraph of the “Summary of Concerns” prepared by the Minority Staff of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee:

It is the judgment of the Democratic Staff that four distinct patterns of conduct disqualify John Bolton for the post of U.N. ambassador:

(1) Mr. Bolton repeatedly sought the removal of intelligence analysts who disagreed with him;
(2) in preparing speeches and testimony, Mr. Bolton repeatedly tried to stretch intelligence to fit his views;
(3) in his relations with colleagues and subordinates in and out of government, Mr. Bolton repeatedly exhibited abusive behavior and intolerance for different views; and
(4) Mr. Bolton repeatedly made misleading, disingenuous or non-responsive statements to the Committee.

There are is a well-populated palette of reasons to oppose John Bolton. . .today, tomorrow, and in the months ahead.
— Steve Clemons