Check out the New York Times Magazine this Sunday (page 96).
Jason Zengerle has profiled my notion of “Stock Options for Soldiers.” I like the entire article — which ran among many in the annual New York Times Magazine ‘The Year in Ideas: A to Z’ issue. Here is my first post on this subject last September.
However, I particularly like the last graf:
Initially, Clemons conceived of the plan somewhat facetiously, mainly as a way to call attention to what he considers war profiteering by hawkish Bush supporters who have benefited financially from the war in Iraq.
But now that his idea is being taken more seriously, he is grappling with some of the trickier details of his proposal and crossing his fingers that legislation will be introduced in the next Congress.
“There’ll be a lot of kickback the further this idea goes,” he says. “But I think the country would like to see the establishment of something broader for the people on the front line — because the people profiting right now aren’t on the front line.”

Now, I have more work to do hammering out a credible version of this proposal — while at the same time encouraging reputable Senators to hold hearings on war profiteers among us.
— Steve Clemons