Scott McClellan Implies He was Lied to by Rove & Libby: They are Dead Meat in White House it Seems


This just out.
Scott McClellan has just thrown Karl Rove and Scooter Libby to the wolves today when a reporter asked whether White House press responses could be trusted give Scott’s earlier denials that anyone in the White House had anything to do with outing Valerie Plame Wilson.

My question is: Can we be confident that when we hear statements from the White House in public that they are truthful?
MCCLELLAN: I think you can be, because you know that our relationship is built on trust. And I have earned that trust with you all. As you pointed out, you pointed back to some past comments that I made, and I’ve talked to you about the assurances that I had received on that.

The pressure is building.
— Steve Clemons