Scope of Bolton Investigation Widening to Former Deputy Director of CIA and Others


But didn’t John Bolton testify that his only beef with some of these intelligence analysts was over process? That they went behind his back? Did he know he was under oath?
This from AP:

Senators considering John R. Bolton’s nomination to be U.N. ambassador have asked to interview former deputy CIA director John McLaughlin and two other high-ranking intelligence officials about possible Bolton efforts to transfer an analyst who had tangled with him, The Associated Press has learned.
Democrats on the Foreign Relations Committee are trying to determine whether Bolton met with McLaughlin, another unnamed CIA official and an individual with the National Intelligence Council in July 2002 to pursue his case against the analyst, a Democratic committee staff member said Wednesday.
Democrats are also seeking more information on other personnel incidents involving Bolton. The committee, including several Republican members, agreed Tuesday to delay a vote on his nomination because of growing questions about his temperament and what critics said was a pattern of punishing or pressuring underlings.

— Steve Clemons