Reid Shakes Things Up & Trent Lott Takes “Revenge Swipe” at Karl Rove


The tension is building.
The more Frist fulminates and fumes at Harry Reid, the greater the Democratic leader becomes in the eyes of Americans, on both sides of the aisle.
Finally, many are saying, the Democrats are doing something of consequence.
And amidst this chaos, Republican cohesiveness is eroding. Loyalty to the White House has been replaced by prodding and nudging of the Bush team by their Republican brethren in Congress.
Case in point. . .Trent Lott just appeared on Chris Matthews’ Hardball and just questioned whether Karl Rove should remain employed as Deputy Chief of Staff for Policy.
I just saw it, but someone already has a video clip up of Lott shoving Rove out to the wolves.
Harry Reid has really stirred things up — to paraphrase Dick Cheney — “Big Time”.
— Steve Clemons