Nancy Pelosi: Don’t Make “Serious Dems” Choke Down Alcee Hastings at Helm of Intel Committee


I can’t find very much in this post that I don’t agree with. That’s a problem.
Pelosi needs to reverse course right now on her anti-Jane Harman crusade.
In case registering is a problem, here is a key slice:

That’s right. Alcee Hastings, a former federal judge who is one of six federal judges ever impeached and removed from office, a man who couldn’t qualify for a security clearance based on his brushes with the law, will now be the face of the Democrat party on all things dealing with intelligence.
It’s not that I particularly like Jane Harman, she strikes one as a Nancy Pelosi with social skills, but handing the most sensitive committee position available to House Democrats to a man who has already demonstrated he can be bought is just an unserious action by the unserious leader of an unserious political party.

We can’t be knocking out corrupt players like Tom DeLay and Duke “Tailhook” Cunningham — and then allowing strong points of competence in the Democratic leadership to be undermined by pettiness and nepotism in Democratic Party ranks.
Red State is right. That’s not a serious move by a serious party.
— Steve Clemons