Naming the Pro & Con Bolton Factions Tonight; Ben Nelson Taking the “Zell Miller Lite” Road


We will name the factions tonight — but as one TWN reader said, “who cares — we just need to get to work opposing Bolton’s confirmation and flood the appropriate Senate offices with our views.” Soooo right.
Well, the first Democrat to officially break ranks is Senator Ben Nelson who is playing the “Zell Miller Lite Strategy” and plans to vote to confirm Bolton unless he hears something to dissuade him in the next several days.
We hope to send him material to help him in that ultimate decision — but you can help by contacting his office at (202)224-6551. You may try and connect with his foreign affairs legislative assistant, Eric Pierce, or his receptionist.
You can send an email to the Senator here or to
On other offices, let me just say that MOST OF THEM ARE NOT YET EVEN THINKING ABOUT THE BOLTON NOMINATION and have no idea that State is trying to fast track it. So, alert them — and tell them to take a stand one way or another. Most of the caucus — which I will report later — is alleging to be undecided.
Senator Reid, you have some work to do.
— Steve Clemons