Make Today Count: John Bolton’s Nomination Teetering on Collapse


Today is the most important day for anyone who is engaged in the effort to send someone better than John Bolton to be America’s Ambassador to the United Nations.
I will be posting a lot today — quick but important items. I need to spend time reaching out to those making decisions in this matter — and to the media.
What those of you so inclined need to do is to call your Senators, or call other Senators.
Here are two key Senators to call today. Both have indicated their serious concern about recent revelations about John Bolton, and today more information has come out about John Bolton that should give them the reason to call the White House and say that they must withhold their support. I will post the article I am referring to shortly.
Call. . .Here are two numbers:
Senator Lincoln Chafee, Rhode Island (202) 224-2921
Senator Chuck Hagel, Nebraska, (202) 224-4224
Here is a list of other Senators on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee — and frankly all of them could use calls. But if you have to focus, Feingold remains important — and all of the Republicans are important and in my view, potential “gets” with the exception of Norm Coleman and George Allen.
More to come.
— Steve Clemons