Liz Sidoti’s Piece Confirms that Bolton Battle Will Continue


AP’s Liz Sidoti has a good article out that surveys the political consequences for various tracks the Bush administration may take on the Bolton nomination.
Her piece yet again confirms what TWN noted earlier today — that withdrawing Bolton is not being seriously considered.
Secondly, she suggests that negotiations are still occurring between the White House and leading Democrats — even though all of the leading Democrats in this battle report to TWN that the White House has been eerily silent.
Sidoti writes:

Some in Washington expected that (Bolton’s recess appointment) to happen over the Senate’s Independence Day break. But Republicans say negotiations with Democrats continue, and a recess appointment, should it come to that, probably won’t occur until August.

One senior official close to this process responded after a call from TWN:

If there are any negotiations going on, they certainly aren’t going on with the Dems. Maybe the Republicans are negotiating among themselves.

Sidoti’s article is otherwise on target — and may be on target still if in fact the White House is negotiating secretly with Democrats that they are trying to lure from the pack rather than dealing with Biden and Dodd.
More on this intrigue later.
— Steve Clemons