LIVE STREAM: What Does Europe Expect From Obama At Copenhagen?


As my colleague Oliver Lough wrote on this blog yesterday, climate change is one of the foreign policy issues on which Europe has led the way for some time now. Try as they might, it has been difficult for Europeans to get their American friends to follow suit.
To discuss the state of global climate change negotiations and the role of the Copenhagen Climate Conference in December, the New America Foundation/American Strategy Program will host an event TODAY, Wednesday, September 30 from 3:30pm – 5:00pm.
The event will feature German Green Party Members of the European Parliament Reinhard Bütikofer and Claude Turmes.
Steve Clemons will moderate the forum, which will STREAM LIVE here at The Washington Note.
— Ben Katcher


11 comments on “LIVE STREAM: What Does Europe Expect From Obama At Copenhagen?

  1. Kathleen Grasso Andersen says:

    arthurrrr…good one…I’m going to remember that one…tehe..


  2. arthurdecco says:

    “I question my own sanity with great regularity…sometimes wonder what the hell I was thinking when I look back at my past….” Kathleen Grasso Anderson
    That’s the best proof you could offer of your sanity, Kathleen.


  3. Kathleen Grasso Andersen says:

    OA….I question my own sanity with great regularity…sometimes wonder what the hell I was thinking when I look back at my past….


  4. Outraged American says:

    Kathleen, I was kidding about questioning your sanity. You’re the
    sanest one out there.


  5. Outraged American says:

    NEVER live right on the San Andreas fault. I’m questioning your
    sanity Kathleen. Although the prof. I had did say that it’s how
    the energy is distributed, so sometimes you’re safer on top of
    the fault. I just made that up.
    Anyone who was there for Northridge and its 11,000 +
    aftershocks probably suffers from PTSD. I sure do.
    When my husband moves, and he’s a fatty, and the bed shakes,
    I’m up and awake and ready to herd the dogs and kids outside
    or under a desk, best way to kill living things in an earthquake is
    to get them under furniture.
    What the scariest thing about earthquakes is how you’ll be
    standing there washing the dishes (although I just throw the
    dishes out, loading a dishwasher takes way too much time– I’d
    have no time to be a Mossad agent if I actually did the dishes)
    or deciding what to wear, or how to poison the squirrel who
    keeps trying to come through your back door and then
    SUDDENLY the shaking will start.
    And then you’ll have to decide if it’s the Big One or just another
    *YAWN* 5.5 aftershock, which, sure, could kill 11,000 people in
    Cairo, but in So Cal a 5.5 is nada, nada y pues nada.
    Kathleen, you need to get a sturdy ice chest and put a bunch of
    bleach in there, put it outside, someplace where nothing can hit
    it, like a tree, and locate your nearest fresh water source.
    Put boxes full of canned food outside too. And a can opener
    otherwise you’ll have to use your teeth.
    And get a gun and ammo, because your neighbors haven’t
    probably stocked up and they’ll cut a bitch when they’re hungry.
    Not that I’m saying you’re a bitch, OK I’ll rephrase that, they’ll
    cut the Goddess Kathleen, and Kathleen is a Goddes — there
    should be a statue of her somewhere in Rome or Sicily — when
    they’re hungry.
    I just re-called my self-hating Jew friend in CA to tell her she
    really needs to get her earthquake kit together. She asked when
    I was going to come visit. I laughed heartily. I’d rather be a
    street urchin in Nepal than back in the film industry.
    But maybe not. You all have inspired me. I have a completely
    non-political script that I never finished, that is a comedy, so
    maybe rather than waste my time here, I’ll finish it. But that will
    leave you bereft of my rabid Anti-Zionism.
    Which would be tragic really, especially for Kervick and Norheim,
    who get to prove their anti-anti-Semitism on a daily basis just
    by railing against my inarticulate and uninformative posts on the
    power of the Zionist lobby and its affect on whether we’re going
    to blow Iran into ….


  6. Kathleen Grasso Andersen says:

    OA, POA…I live right on the San Andreas fault…Northriddge hit just before dawn…I was sound asleep when my bed started jumping up and down…I thought I was in The Exorcist..then I noticed the chadelier swayning over the bed…hmmmm..I could hear the exposed beams in my living room creaking like an old ship…then it was over, except for the aftershocks…which,for some mysterious reason, always managed to happen when I was under a chandelier. even at the bank drive-through window…in retrospect, I’m sorry I did’t think to run outside and stand on the earth barefooted…to feel the quake directly.
    I grew up around hurricanes and the occasional blizzard….always exhilarating as a kid..even now, but I haven’t witnessed great destruction… just the occasional need to paddle down the street in a canoe or play tag at the beach with huge waves…a dare-devil kind of game our parents knew nothing about…


  7. Outraged American says:

    POA -did FEMA help you out? No money left for those niceties
    when the Big One hits. An earthquake on the San Andreas could
    be one of the largest in recorded history.
    I notice that the geophysicists are now playing down the
    potential magnitude – Schwarzenneggers probably paying them
    in pot to keep the tourism industry rolling.
    I have a dear friend, another self-hating Jew (no, she’s actually
    very support of the Zionist Cause — her cousin made aliyah and
    then came back when Israel wanted him to serve in the IDF) who
    just built a huge house in Calabasas. She moved there from
    Woodland Hills.
    So I got on the phone with her yesterday and begged her, as I
    have done repeatedly in the past, to get an earthquake kit
    together, and she said, “Oy gevalt another thing to worry about.”
    It sure is. That San Andreas fault is going to go off and when it
    Or even the Hayward fault up in the Bay area, or unknown faults
    like Northridge could totally screw up the world’s economy given
    the shaky (and that wasn’t even a pun) state it’s in.
    California does have the strictest building codes in the world,
    but our country’s National Guard, which was formed to some
    extent to deal with national and natural disasters, are mainly
    Most of my friends are in So Cal, my parents pay them, and
    some might die, but they all will suffer loss during the next
    major quake, especially since our National Guard isn’t there. And
    Norheim wonders why I resent Israel.


  8. PissedOffAmerican says:

    I was in Woodland Hills during the Northridge quake, OA. The house I was in was a total loss.


  9. Outraged American says:

    That’s because you, POA, and I are the same person, except I’m
    a smokin’ 23 year old Brazilian nurse, and you’re a cranky 110
    year old who only gets access to the nursing home’s computer
    once an hour.
    Yup, looking at that link you posted, that Pacific rim is rolling.
    Beyond an attack on Iran, any major Cali quake will have a
    devastating effect on the world’s economy. And yet we haven’t
    prepared for it.
    So were you in LA for that ball of fun called Northridge? Or was
    it felt that much further north?
    Believe it or not, I predicted it –and a lot of the aftershocks.
    Animals can predict earthquakes, and I have no idea why,
    beyond that I’m insane or am secretly a carp, but I predicted the
    Landers / Big Bear earthquakes too.
    I was out at a nightclub, an Irish bar, bunch of drunks, either
    the night before or a few nights before, and the fog had rolled in
    after Santa Anas (and POA whenever there’s a Santa Ana in Jan
    or Feb get worried)-very unusual weather, and we’d been having
    swarms of smaller earthquakes. Plus I had kept hearing the
    earthquake birds (owls or morning doves).
    So very late the night before Northridge I was talking to my
    sister in Arizona on the phone, not by telegraph, and I told her
    that I felt a major earthquake was coming.
    About two hours later the whole of So Cal became a salt & peppa
    I took geophysics and global tectonics 27 years ago (when I was
    minus 4) and have kept up somewhat with developments, but
    have not studied with the masters again.
    However, POA, you are in for a wild ride relatively soon. It’s
    going to be Lord of the Flies in Bakersfield, because most
    people won’t be prepared even if you are,so buy guns. Maybe
    the Israelis will sell you one of the ones they bought with your
    tax dollars.


  10. PissedOffAmerican says:

    You know, OA, its funny you said that, because I actually called friends today and told them the same thing. Long story, but in ’94 I ended up on the floor, cradling my daughter, as she and I were experiencing large pieces of plaster falling on us. Exactly one night before the ’94 earthquake, my daughter and Albert Lee’s (the guitarist) daughter, Alex, were sleeping on the floor in front of a large masonry fireplace we had in that house. When the quake hit the next day, the spot they were sleeping was under six feet of brick.
    But yeah, its definitely rockin’ and rollin’. Check this out….


  11. Outraged American says:

    POA, totally O/T, but get your earthquake kit ready. Bleach and
    locating a source of fresh water are the most important things.
    Get enough water and food for weeks. Be a Mormon.
    Those swarms in CA after the major quakes in Indonesia and
    near Samoa could mean that the San Andreas will finally go off.
    Past quakes cause future shocks
    Seismic waves from earthquakes might make distant fault lines
    more slippery.
    Distant earthquakes may increase the risk of subsequent
    earthquakes around the globe, a team of US seismologists
    Examining 22 years of seismic data from a section of the San
    Andreas fault near the small central Californian town of Parkfield
    — an earthquake hotspot — the researchers found a substantial
    upsurge in the frequency of small earthquakes in 2005. These
    occurred following the Sumatra–Andaman earthquake in late
    I had to take geophysics and studied the San Andreas with profs.
    from Cal Tech, who were the experts. An earthquake on that
    fault, which is a relatively regular fault in geological time, and is
    on the Pacific “Ring of Fire” is way overdue.
    Because of THE WARS the National Guard of CA and the
    surrounding states capacity to help victims has been severely
    reduced, so you could be on your own for weeks.
    If anyone else lives in the Southwest: Las Vegas and Phoenix,
    etc., whose buildings aren’t built to CA codes, will take a hit too,
    although there probably will not be a disruption to our water
    supply here, but perhaps in Vegas depending on where the fault
    The San Andreas is the meeting of two continental plates, so
    again, depending on where it breaks, and which way the plates
    moved, San Diego and Northern Mexico could be disasterously
    affected, or LA and places north would be more affected, but
    anyone in those areas has to make sure that they can be self-
    sufficient for weeks, because guaranteed huge portions of
    southern and Central California and northern Mexico will be
    And our economy will tank further, California has the world’s
    fifth largest.
    But look on the bright side, a bunch of “movie stars” will get
    offed so they can’t spread their random, tree-hugging inanity,
    and it will stop an attack on Iran, because the US will be licking
    her wounds for decades.


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