Lincoln Chafee Drops Bomb Shell that Few Have Looked At


Lincoln Chafee may not have intended to undo John Bolton, but I think he may have set up the “loose cannon” charge better than any other Member on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee.
He asked Bolton about his now infamous July 31, 2003 “A Dictatorship at the Crossroads” Speech given about U.S. policy towards North Korea — after which Ambassador Charles “Jack” Pritchard resigned.
Bolton stated that he viewed his speech — which he said “was cleared throughout all quarters of the government” — as completely consistent with Bush administration policy.
Lincoln Chafee then asked why Ambassador Pritchard resigned.
Bolton stated that he felt that Ambassador Pritchard was probably not comfortable with the Bush administration’s policy. Chafee went further.
Chafee then asked whether Pritchard was behaving consistently with American foreign policy — and Bolton said that he did not believe so.
This is major. This is the “loose cannon” smoking gun.
More investigation to do — but Lincoln Chafee opened this up. He should pursue his important line of questioning wherever it leads.
— Steve Clemons