John Danforth Made Honorary Chair of <em>Leadership League</em>


John Danforth served about 8 months as America’s Ambassador to the United Nations — and I have just had information shared with me from someone close to him that he saw coming down the pike from Bush Central Command a combination of total disdain for the United Nations and recklessness about it that made his role practically impossible.
Danforth is exactly the type of leading national figure whom American citizens should have representing them at the U.N. — particularly during the coming negotiations on reform.
Wheras John Bolton typifies the worst of the America Alone Alliance, Danforth represents the best of the Leadership League.
Senators Lugar, Hagel, Chafee, and others — Bolton may sound contrite when he meets with you, promise a radically different style, offer explanations on some of his past misstatements — BUT HE IS NO JACK DANFORTH.
And that is the type of person we should be trying to hire.
— Steve Clemons