John Bolton’s UN Honeymoon is Over: US Ambassador Gets Spanked by Great Britain


John Bolton is having a public feud with Great Britain over his effort to withhold the UN’s budget until various reforms are adopted. This was a classic Jesse Helms tactic of the past and shows that Bolton is tipping towards bludgeoning the United Nations rather than using diplomatic skill to achieve his objectives.
From the Daily Telegraph:

Britain has angered John Bolton, America’s combative ambassador to the United Nations, by breaking ranks with him over the need for reform.
The rare public disagreement between the two close allies comes as the showdown over reforms at the UN’s New York headquarters becomes increasingly acrimonious.
Britain has rebuffed a Bolton move to join him in refusing to pass the organisation’s 2006 budget until member states approve wide-ranging management reforms.

Hopefully, the recess-appointed U.S. Ambassador to the UN will drop the feuding theatrics and get back to diplomacy — but in the words of one high-ranking State Department official with whom I spoke on Wednesday, “We are lucky Bolton is no longer here (at headquarters).”
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— Steve Clemons