John Bolton Nomination in Trouble According to <em>CBS News</em> Political Analyst


Fox News has not offered more than entertainment in its coverage of John Bolton — which is not really good for advocates or opponents of his U.N. nomination — but CBS News is getting serious.

CBS News Foreign Affairs analyst Pamela Falk said Bolton is “receiving so much bipartisan criticism that there is a widespread question about whether or not the administration was expecting the nomination to pass the Senate.
“Without question, the administration has some serious questions about the credibility of the U.N., but coming on the heels of previous Ambassadors John Negroponte and John Danforth, the nomination of John Bolton — known to have differences with Secretary of State Rice — may well have been a nomination to satisfy conservative critics but appears now to possibly be a sacrificial lamb in the nomination process,” said Falk.

And she didn’t even mention Wolfowitz. The art of diplomacy, and politics, is knowing which wins are the big ones to go after — and which are worth losing.
The Bolton nomination is too harmful to the country and should be withdrawn. There are better candidates. . .many.
— Steve Clemons