LAST NIGHT, PRINCETON UNIVERSITY’S NEWLY ACQUIRED G. JOHN IKENBERRY celebrated his 50th Birthday and his brilliant wife, Lidia Usami, performed in a chamber music recital for about 100 of their Washington friends to whom they wanted to say good-bye.
A lot of folks were discussing bin Laden’s latest video message to Americans. However, Eminem got more play at this party than bin Laden. Even if you aren’t into rap, watch Eminem’s latest music video here. I think it’s the most powerful piece of politically directed art I have seen (or heard) in years.
Brooke’s Story, a short ad that has been running in battleground states but also over the internet, drew some healthy discussion last night.
No one talked about the wolves controversy, but I liked this comment from some of the Bush ad wolves who are protesting in their own “Wolf Packs for Truth” ad.
— Steve Clemons