Election Watch: Bush Has No Where to Run


George Bush said this out on the campaign trail:

Democrats have no plan for victory.
They have no idea how to win.
Harsh criticism is not a plan for victory in Iraq.

Bush has no wiggle room in this election — well, very little, until John Kerry’s unfortunate remarks about the intellectual level of soldiers on the front line.
Bush’s comments on the Iraq War just offend the sensibilities of Americans, and his reckless drive into Iraq has undermined the interests and national security of the nation.
As Paul Krugman outlined on Monday, the bursting of a housing bubble in America is robbing from Bush the ability to pound his chest about the economy — and Mark Foley has shut down an effective “values” camapaign.
Things are looking good. John Kerry’s comments are inconsequential.
But the fact that Bush is committing to Rumsfeld through the end of his term is just icing on the cake.
More later.
— Steve Clemons