David Corn had the Goods on John Bolton in 1989: Bolton Failed to Respond to Kerry’s Inquiry on Contra Drug Smuggling


Here is an excellent write-up by David Corn on the long litany of reasons why John Bolton is really up for the wrong job.
Amusingly, David forgot he had co-written one of the best pieces on Bolton’s bad side 16 years ago for The Nation. I posted an excerpt of the David Corn/Jefferson Morley piece the day before yesterday, but here it is again:

Bolton’s record as Assistant AG for the Office of Legislative Affairs in 1986 and 1987 merits special scrutiny. He “tried to torpedo” Sen. John Kerry’s inquiry into allegations of contra drug smuggling and gunrunning, a committee aide says.
When Kerry requested information from the Justice Department, Bolton’s office gave it the long stall, a Kerry aide notes. In fact, says another Congressional aide, Bolton’s staff worked actively with the Republican senators who opposed Kerry’s efforts.

One would think that Congress would not be so easy on a guy who regularly and frequently decided not to show up at Congressional Hearings when requested, or withheld evidence or held back other witnesses. All of this is in his record.
— Steve Clemons