Chris Nelson’s Latest Take on Bolton Politics: Where are Those NSA Intercepts?


The original blogger, before there were blogs, was Chris Nelson with his Nelson Report. The only difference in what he does today is that he sends his uber-insider zingers to high-paying readers, whereas most of us just do all this posting for fun or an occasional turkey sandwich.
Nelson’s latest on Bolton:

Bolton gossip. . .comity on Senate Foreign Relations is a potential casualty of the “war” so far. Note the ill-feelings generated Friday when Republican staff wouldn’t let Democratic staff sit in on the “debrief” of former Amb to Seoul Tom Hubbard, despite the Dem’s role in bringing Hubbard forward to contradict claims that he “cleared” a controversial Bolton speech on N. Korea.
A meeting late yesterday was aimed at restoring cooperation, and we’ve not heard if it was black or white smoke which flowed out the window.
But for today, at least, it looks like nothing except a provable charge of criminal behavior is likely to defeat Bolton IF a Floor vote is scheduled. So all eyes remain on Lincoln Chafee, the Republican moderate who has flirted with voting “no” in Committee, which would theoretically doom the nomination.
The White House is putting “huge pressure” on everyone concerned, and Chairman Lugar is known to remain very displeased with being, as he sees it, sandbagged at last week’s meeting.
So Dems and other Bolton opponents are pinning their hopes on the calendar. . .May 12 is a long time in politics, and “something may turn up”. . .but if that “something” is a recess appointment, it’s not clear how the Senate will react.

I just spoke to Chris Nelson and encouraged him to take another look — particularly at the brewing battle between the Senate Foreign Relations Committee and Condi Rice over THE STILL WITHHELD NSA INTERCEPTS that John Bolton requested during his tenure.
I think that the NSA intercepts are turning out to be the 900 lb. guerilla in this battle — and inquiring minds would like to know what the administration is trying to hide.
— Steve Clemons