Bob Kimmitt Falls Off the List to Replace Bolton for United Nations


The White House has made a genuinely inspired choice of Robert Kimmitt, whom I wrote about just this morning as a potential U.S. Ambassador to the U.N., and nominated him instead to be Deputy Secretary of the Treasury.
This just in from Chris Nelson’s The Nelson Report:

On the subject of money. . .former Jim Baker confidant Bob Kimmitt, who had been rumored for any number of high-level Administration jobs, today was named Deputy Treasury Secretary.
To most observers, this looks like the Baker/Bob Zoellick/Kimmitt “axis” will be reunited.
Maybe. . .some observers with a closer view warn that Kimmitt and Deputy Secretary of State Zoellick do not have a strong record of personal cooperation, and that the Administration’s ability to coordinate international economic policy is still a big question.

Congratulations to Bob Kimmitt, whose father I had the pleasure of knowing for some time.
However, the White House seems to be going to unusual lengths to keep good personnel from the United Nations Ambassadorial post.
We will suggest more nominees tomorrow.
— Steve Clemons