How Britain is Dealing with the Bush Years



In the wake of Barack Obama’s election, the extent to which he has continued many Bush administration counterterrorism policies has surprised many, especially when looking not only at the continuation and expansion of tactics such as drone strikes, but also at the degree to which the administration has used tools such as the state secrets…

Peterson Prevails: House Committee Approves Bill to Lift Travel Ban, Ag Export Restrictions



This is a guest post from Anya Landau French, who directs the New America Foundation/U.S.-Cuba Policy Initiative. This post originally appeared at The Havana Note. House Agriculture Committee Chairman Collin Peterson, a conservative Democrat from Minnesota, is generally a soft-spoken, easy-going legislator who eschews demagoguery.

LIVE STREAM at 3:00 pm: Who’s to Blame for Failed States?



Headlining the July/August issue of Foreign Policy magazine is their always-fascinating “Failed States Index” measuring stability around the world. In partnership with Foreign Policy, the New America Foundation will host a discussion TODAY from 3:00 pm to 4:30 pm of this year’s index and the causes of this insecurity in different parts of the globe….

Scratching the Surface of Radicalism in Germany



On Monday Germany’s domestic intelligence agency, the Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution, announced the launch of a new counter-terrorism initiative, a hotline for members of radical Islamists groups to call where they can get advice for leaving the group.

LIVE STREAM TODAY — AfPak Diary: Notes From Islamabad and Kabul



The news of former ISAF commander Gen. Stanley McChrystal’s and his staff’s comments about senior administration officials and the President, followed by McChrystal’s sacking this morning, have sucked up much of the news about Afghanistan in the last few days. But while the war effort faces difficulty and certain questioning as Gen.