Another Case for the Bolton File: Did John Bolton Ever Meet Someone He Didn’t Want to Have Fired?


This morning in the Boston Globe:

In a new allegation against President Bush’s nominee for United Nations ambassador, a woman who worked under John Bolton in the early 1980s has complained that he tried to fire her after they clashed over US policy on infant formula in developing nations.
Lynne D. Finney, now a therapist in Utah, wrote to the Senate Foreign Relations Committee on Friday, saying Bolton mistreated her when they worked in the General Counsel’s Office at the US Agency for International Development. Her accusation is the latest salvo in a pitched battle over Bolton’s nomination.

Given this story — which I did not know about — and several others that I do but which are not in the media yet, I think that the next couple of weeks are going to be interesting ones as the Bolton dossier grows.
But keep your eyes out for the state-of-play on the NSA intercepts that Bolton requested. Despite the Bolton victims cautiously emerging and sharing their important stories, the possibility that Bolton was spying on his colleagues in the State Department is the matter of most import ahead.
More later.
— Steve Clemons