This notion of a “sex bomb” was conceived of by a U.S. military that apparently thought that gays in the military was so horrific that compelling gay behavior among the enemy might be a war-winning idea.
The Clinton administration apparently canned the idea, and I don’t think it has come back during the Bush administration.
Wait — those pictures at Abu Ghraib of captives forced to engage in homosexual-like acts…maybe that was just R&D.
On the moral consequences of the Iraq War, Zbigniew Brzezinski comments:
A great deal of what is happening thus far in American foreign policy has been influenced by the ongoing conflict in Iraq. Now I would like to say very briefly that in my view, that war which was a war of choice is already a serious moral set back to the United States. A moral set back both in how we start, how it was justified, and because of some of the egregious incidents that have accompanied this proceeding. The moral costs to the United States are high. It’s a political setback.
The United States has never been involved in an intervention in its entire history like it is today. It is also a military set back.
“Mission Accomplished” are words that many in this administration want to forget.

— Steve Clemons