Jonathan Guyer: Mike Mullen’s Options



(click image for larger version) Jonathan Guyer is a program associate at the New America Foundation/Middle East Task Force and the official cartoonist of The Washington Note. He blogs at Mideast by Midwest. Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman Admiral Mike Mullen certainly caught our attention on the Sunday talkies.

The World Through A New Frame: From London to Mongolia


This is a guest post by Parag Khanna, A Senior Research Fellow at the New America Foundation and author of The Second World: Empires and Influence in the New Global Order. Khanna is pictured above with his team mates who drove this ambulance in an 8000 mile Mongolia charity rally.

The UAE’s Blackberry Showdown



The news Saturday that after years of failed negotiations the United Arab Emirates will ban the data and email service on Blackberry phones after October 11 without an agreement allowing the Emirates to monitor the currently encrypted data raises fascinating questions about how authoritarian governments cope with emerging technologies.