Secret Pentagon Study: Armor Problems Have Killed Many



President Bush: Why does Donald Rumsfeld STILL have his job? If Abu Ghraib wasn’t enough — why isn’t negligence on the job that has resulted in many deaths? The New York Times has acquired a secret Pentagon study showing that had appropriate body armor been distributed to military personnel, 80% of Marines who died from…

More on “Strike ’em Down” Pat Robertson



The wedge strategy is in play. The White House has now denounced Pat Robertson calling his comments about Ariel Sharon “wholly inappropriate and offensive.” Now let’s see if we can get the Israeli government to strip from Pat Robertson and his allies the right to build a “biblical theme park by the Sea of Gallilee”….

John Bolton & NSA Intercepts: The Connection That Mattered Was International



TWN has been inundated with emails asking why I have not written more about revelations about non-court approved NSA intercepts of electronic phone and email transmissions within the United States and the connection to John Bolton’s requests for NSA intercept material when he served as Under Secretary of State for Arms Control and International Security….

PowerBook G4 Experts



If there are any PowerBook G4 experts out there who know about Microsoft Entourage and downloading contact and other data via an Exchange Server from Microsoft Outlook 2003, I’d love to speak with you. I have the Exchange Server account set up, verified, and all that — but it still does not seem to work….