Make the List Public: Who Did the White House Spy On?


I don’t care how long the list is of those people and phone numbers that have been surreptitiously monitored by the National Security Agency without court approval.
This list should be made public — published in full on the Internet.
If there are specific individuals or numbers that a judge wishes to give ex post facto protection, I can accept that.
But this invasion of privacy in the case of hundreds, perhaps thousands, of American citizens must be challenged in the courts. What Bush did is engage in an extra-legal act against the citizens he is paid to represent — and this is criminal.
Post the list. It should be made public because at this point there is NO NATIONAL SECURITY rationale to justify the monitoring of citizens in cases that have not been approved by a court. That means that all of those citizens monitored are innocent — and unwitting victims of this domestic spy campaign launched by George W. Bush.
Publish the list of phone numbers, Mr. President. Do it now or lawyers may start working today to compel you through the courts to do it.
TWN would be happy to provide the bandwidth and home exposing this national intelligence disgrace.
— Steve Clemons