Senate Control Teetering on Edge


This is an exciting evening.
Santorum loses. Chafee — who voted against George W. Bush in the last election — loses. Menendez keeps his seat in New Jersey. Blue states are getting bluer.
Hal Ford is going down in the South. Allen and Webb are flipping every few minutes. Missouri and Montana are still big states to sort out.
But if Montana goes Dem, Allen wins in Virginia, and McKaskill pulls it out in Missouri — the United States Senate is SPLIT 50/50. Interesting times.
— Steve Clemons


One comment on “Senate Control Teetering on Edge

  1. Kay says:

    The local CBS affiliate reported (about 5 minutes ago) that many precincts in Shelby County and Davidson County are still out. Harold took over 60% of the vote in those two counties in early voting. There is still one polling place in Nashville that is open and voters are waiting in line. It’s not over.


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