Obama’s Earnestness in Copenhagen


obama wen jiabao.jpg
President Barack Obama meets with Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao during a bilateral at the United Nations Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen, Denmark, Dec. 18, 2009. (Official White House Photo by Pete Souza)
This photo captures a great deal — an earnest, hardworking President of the United States trying to make his case to skeptical, stand-offish foreign leaders, in this case China’s premier, whose buy-in is vital if a global climate change deal that is worth anything is to be struck.
— Steve Clemons


11 comments on “Obama’s Earnestness in Copenhagen

  1. samuelburke says:

    i am sure that by now o-bomber is seen by the wily chineese as
    the salesman that he is…oratory ability stops at the waters edge
    when the things he says come nowhere near the things he does.
    the puppeteers puppet is no longer believable.
    nobody bought his b.s at the olympic salespitch conference…and
    at copenhagengate he was a failure also.


  2. basketcase says:

    LOOK AT THE BODY LANGUAGE ON THAT CHINESE DUDE!! IS he sizing up BO-jangles or what? Probably thinking “what a weenie…”
    I think we’re all doomed anyway, this so the Copenhagen thing was meaningless to me from the start. It’a just a distraction while they surge up AfPak.


  3. samuelburke says:

    where is any discussion of the climategate email debacle….other than the alternative sites.
    the elephant in the room always makes the least amount of noise as long as its a project of the elite and their pet poodle media and the politico wannabes.


  4. JohnH says:

    I seriously doubt that America is “ponying up.” Before accepting anything you need to read the fine print. And in this case, like all foreign aid, it will be predicated on meeting American conditions. You can bet the Vilsack’s “generosity” has more to do with selling Archer Daniels grains and Monsanto’s GMO seeds than addressing climate change.


  5. Brian B says:

    I still love the petulant behavior of the opposition on this blog. No alternative? Why even ask. It’s better for these people to keep on making a mockery of themselves instead of doing any type of research to try and offer a suitable solution. Oh, wait, I forgot, everything is fine the way it is.
    Anyway, the problem that I feel the US is having with trying to get a cooperative agreement on anything is that global leaders see what is taking shape in the US Congress. They know that they can stall the US or go over their heads because they know that everything has become so partisan in Washington. They see the Party of NO working on behalf of the special interest instead of the country. Why should world leaders seek the support of the US, or try to accomodate the US, when they no that any effort the President makes will be fought tooth and nail by the opposition. The isolationist attitude that the US Congress is ehibiting, due to partisan wrangling, is diminishing our role in global affairs. The opposition does not believe in diplomacy nor the benefits that soft power might have to offer. There is a world waiting for the US to lead again, but it seems that US leadership is dependent on whether or not it suits the special interest that have taken control in this country.


  6. samuelburke says:

    “How fun that the Al Gore-ite Copenhagen conference for global taxation and violent control of our lives in the name of preventing climate change (winter to spring?) is collapsing. How great that Obama’s arrogant speech—as at the Olympics decision meeting in Tokyo—only made things worse for him. Whatever else happens this Christmas season, Copenhagen is a gift. The US state may have the predator drones and a thousand other instruments of death, but its empire—which crushes us as well as the world—is fraying at its bloody edges. Now we need to defeat the health care bill, designed to further enrich Big Pharma through the crazed over-medication of Americans with dangerous drugs.”
    Wonderful, Wonderful Copenhagen
    Posted by Lew Rockwell on December 18, 2009 11:03 AM


  7. samuelburke says:

    “The Antarctic ice sheet is nine times as large as the Arctic, and here is what the British Antarctic Survey wrote last April:
    “(D)uring the winter freeze in Antarctica this ice cover expands to an area roughly twice the size of Europe. Ranging in thickness from less than a metre to several metres, the ice insulates the warm ocean from the frigid atmosphere above. Satellite images show that since the 1970s the extent of Antarctic sea ice has increased at a rate of 100,000 square kilometres a decade.”
    One hundred thousand square kilometers a decade?
    This would mean Antarctic sea ice expanded by 300,000 square kilometers since the 1970s, or 116,000 square miles, which is an area larger than all of New England.
    How can the Antarctic ice cap grow for three decades as the level of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere has steadily increased, unless carbon dioxide has little or nothing to do with global warming?”


  8. Ben Rosengart says:

    BHO a politician, not a unicorn: news at eleven.
    Sheesh. What silliness.


  9. samuelburke says:

    “If you would know what Copenhagen is all about, hearken to this nugget in The Washington Post’s report from the Danish capital.
    “Ethiopian Prime Minister Meles Zenawi – who is representing all of Africa here – unveiled his proposal Wednesday for a system in which rich countries would provide money to poor ones to help deal with the effects of climate change. …
    “Zenawi said he would accept $30 billion in the short term, rising to $100 billion by 2020. … This was seen as a key concession by developing countries, which had previously spurned that figure … as too low.”
    There was a time when a U.S. diplomat would have burst out laughing after listening to a Third World con artist like this.
    But not the Obamaites. They are already ponying up.
    Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack just pledged $1 billion at Copenhagen to developing countries who preserve their forests. Thus, America, $12 trillion in debt and facing a second straight $1.4 trillion deficit, will borrow another $1 billion from China to send to Brazil to bribe them to stop cutting down their trees.
    When you slice through the blather about marooned bears and melting ice caps, oceans rising and cities sinking, global warming is a racket and a crock. It is all about money and power.
    Copenhagen has always been about an endless transfer of wealth from America, Europe and Japan and creation of a global bureaucracy to control the pace of world economic and industrial development.
    End game: enrichment and empowerment of global elites at the expense of Western peoples whose leaders have been bamboozled by con artists.”


  10. DonS says:

    “an earnest, hardworking President . . . trying to make his case . . . .”
    Yes, Obama is excellent at conveying, with words, and body language, ‘earnest’. But perhaps world leaders, like may Americans, are learning that they need to question the meaning of his words, and the reality of his apparent earnestness.
    Sad to say, many thought they knew what he stands for, only to find out there is more pretense than substance; more formulary politician than transformative leader or statesman.


  11. JohnH says:

    If BO gave a hoot about climate change, he would stop the massive amounts of carbon being emitted by two wars.
    The only positive thing you can say about this photo is that it makes BO look good.


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