MSNBC’s Shuster Retracts Bolton/Fitzgerald Allegation


I missed this, but Robert George pointed it out in comments, and gail helpfully supplied the transcript. Shuster now claims that it was inaccurate to list Bolton as having testified to the Fitzgerald grand jury:

MATTHEWS: David, last Thursday, a week ago, you reported that John Bolton, the president’s nominee for the U.N., had testified in the CIA leak investigation.
Well, the State Department today stood by John Bolton’s assertion on that issue that he did not. What do you have for us today?
SHUSTER: Well, Chris, we’ve gone back to our original sources to clarify, and we now believe it was inaccurate to list John Bolton’s name along with State Department officials who did give testimony.
We’ll continue to report this story and we will let you know what we find – Chris.

— Dave Meyer