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boltonwatch.jpgFormer US Ambassador to the UN John Bolton appeared Wednesday this week on The Daily Show for a third time and got a ‘friendship bracelet’ from Jon Stewart for doing so.
Bolton is a smart war-monger who is careful with words and couches his cheerleading for an Israeli strike against Tehran in lots of buffer material like calling his wanted Iran strike an “unattactive option”.
Given his typical lawyerly shrewdness that I have come to expect and never underestimate, I was stunned when he abandoned his support of Israel’s nuclear weapons stash.
At 6:58 into this eight minute long Daily Show clip, Bolton said that he is close to the anti-nukes liberals of the world because he wants “only one country to have nuclear weapons” — the United States.
He definitely left every other nation of the list, including Israel.
Here is the exchange:

Jon Stewart: Best case scenario in your mind, really, heart of hearts, do you see a World War III? Because every scenario you write in your papers seems like it triggers massive confrontation on a global scale and at that point we are involved with World War III in a hot way….
John Bolton: The purpose of statesmanship is to look into the future, look at the risks and opportunities and try and shape developments to get us into the optimal situation. Looking at all these very dangerous scenarios, what it should argue to us is the continuing importance of the strategic reality in the world that we have to try and deal with.
Every country that gets nuclear weapons is an additional threat to our friends around the world.
Jon Stewart: Who — and this is your final question — maybe this is an easier one. . .Who wouldn’t you bomb?
John Bolton: There’s not that much difference between me and the people who want a world where no government has nuclear weapons. There’s not much difference. I only want one government to have nuclear weapons…
Jon Stewart: I know….Switzerland! Uh…hold on….
John Bolton: You’re sitting in it…[the United States]

Given Bolton’s typical precision, whether deployed bluntly or with a lighter touch, John Bolton not standing up for Israeli nuclear weapons might be considered “progress”.
— Steve Clemons


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