I have never been invited to a Hanukah Party until today thanks to Matt Dallek. But Hanukah parties have been on my mind lately because I am hosting a “holiday party” at my home on December 17th, and several of my friends cannot make it because of competing Hanukah soirees.
I keep slipping and sometimes calling my party a christmas party, and then self-correct and say ‘holiday party’ — which it is — but it’s really a Christmas party, the pagan kind, with trees and dessert and the theme to a “Charlie Brown’s Christmas” going in the background.
My weimeraner will hopefully look like the Grinch’s dog, Max, and have some antlers. I’m still deciding whether to let Oakley have eggnog that night.
Anyway, I think it’s cool that Hanukah parties are raging around town and hope to get invited to more of them as the season moves on. But my holiday party is back to being a Christmas party with everyone invited who will tolerate my more fun, paganesque celebration of the season.
Thanks for the inspiration, Arnold.
— Steve Clemons