Hillary Hires High Powered Research Director


I don’t know how many of you subscribe to Think Progress, a political newsletter affiliated with the Center for American Progress, but it does an extraordinary job of building a wave beneath hard-hitting political research and getting it out into the media and blogosphere.
The material that the Think Progress comes up with just blows away the competition — and Judd Legum, the editor, is one of the reasons this operation has run so well.
Word reached me today that Think Progress‘s (and John Podesta’s) loss is Hillary Clinton’s gain as Legum will be the new research director for Hillary’s campaign. I think Legum is the best in that business — so this will be one arena hard for the competitors to match.
— Steve Clemons


10 comments on “Hillary Hires High Powered Research Director

  1. pata says:

    I liked it. I don’t think you should ask people to comment on something like this, because then they either just want the book or they try and read too much into it. there is nothing wrong with it. Just sit back, relax and you get the message http://www.frogmix.com/search/relax+message . Brilliant. By the way, I allready have the book, so mine is just an honest opinion.


  2. Graham V. Smith says:

    He is not a Democratic operative in Austin! According to the Austin Chronicle he is an example of the kind who destroyed the Republican Party.
    “Robert Morrow, a local GOP precinct chair, sent out a flaming e-mail diatribe, heavy on the gay-bashing, that makes Levy’s letter look mild by comparison. (Sample Morrow rhetoric: “Clarke’s supporters are � environmental radicals, socialists, and ‘in-your-face’ homosexuals who demand that the rest of society worship salamanders and support ‘gay’ marriage.”)”


  3. John Emerson says:

    Morrow is a conspiracy-theory hack. He’s been sending me anti-Hillary spam for a couple of months.


  4. Eugene Banks says:

    Robert Morrow is a democratic operative in Austin, Texas which can be readily ascertained by googling his name along with “Austin” There you will find he has held pro-Hillary get togethers. Interesting he’s turned up on this site with a tel# listed……….


  5. Jerri Denise says:

    Jerry Parks (Luther Gerald Parks, Jr.), is/was my father. Do you not know that my father’s widow, Jane Parks, recently buried a second murdered husband? His name, Dr. David Millstein, murdered on June 18, 2006.


  6. David says:

    You are right about Judd Legum. Very smart move on Hillary’s part.


  7. km4 says:

    This country had had their fill of Bush’s and Clinton’s. No more to both of these vile snowjob family groups.


  8. ulla riitta says:

    Hillary got one of the best. Who should we recommend to Chuck Hagel?


  9. fgf says:

    Let the games begin.


  10. Robert Morrow says:

    Here is what I would like for Judd to research. How about researching the murder of Jerry Parks on 9-26-93 in Little Rock, AR? Of all the folks Hillary and Bill have been accused of murdering, the one they REALLY might have murdered is Jerry Parks, who Hillary and her boyfriend and emotional husband Vince Foster had hired for years to spy on Bill and his many women and drug use as governor of Arkansas. Jerry Parks was knew a LOT about the Clintons and I think that the same people who beat up and nearly killed Gary Johnson (6-26-92) are the SAMES ONES who murdered Jerry Parks on 9-26-93 in a gangland style execution with about 9 bullets being pumped into him in broad daylight by two men, as reported by witnesses. Any reasonable person would say that Hillary, Bill and Buddy Young are major suspects in the murder of Jerry Parks.
    Read about the murder of Jerry Parks at this link: http://www.freerepublic.com/forum/a3881be833d65.htm
    Jerry Parks had been calling Vince Foster just the day before Vince had his suicidal meltdown and Jerry Parks had been in contact with Betsy Wright and he was demanding to be paid an $83,000 debt for work he had done providing security and I think janitorial services for the 1992 Clinton/Gore campaign. There was an embezzler in the ’92 Clinton/Gore campaign and I think the check meant for Jerry Parks had been cashed by someone else and Parks was furious about not getting paid for his services.
    After Vince died – and I don’t think Hillary killed her lover, boyfriend and emotional rock – the Clintons attention focused like a laser on Jerry Parks and Parks was cut his check with 2 days of Vince’s death. Within weeks the Jerry Parks home was burglarized and his file on Bill’s gargantuan escapades, complete with photos, dates, etc. was stolen from this home.
    A few months later Jerry Parks was gunned down, blown away in a blatant murder. Did Hillary, Bill and Buddy Young murder Jerry Parks? I don’t know but there is a damn good chance they did. – Robert Morrow Austin, TX 512-306-1510


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