Helen Thomas Trips Up


RabbiLive got a provocative comment from the iconic White House correspondent Helen Thomas — sort of the Max Blumenthalesque treatment of the Israel-Palestine issue from the other side of the coin.
Helen Thomas, in my view, is right to talk about the problems of Israeli occupation of Palestinian territory. She is clearly passionate about that.
But then arguing that Israelis should “go home” and go back to “Poland, Germany, America, and everywhere else” is just way over the line.
Responsible commentators on the Israeli and Palestinian/Arab/Muslim side of the equation need to really get beyond the hyberbole. Israel is not going anywhere and shouldn’t. Helping to secure a new equilibrium in its own long term political and security interests, Israel should do much more to facilitate the creation of a Palestinian state on its border.
But Helen Thomas, who I mostly admire, was wrong on this one.
— Steve Clemons


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