Happy Birthday Ben!


lbj_phone_lg.jpgToday is Ben Katcher’s birthday, and Ben, well known to TWN readers as a contributing editor here, is preparing for a new life in Istanbul.
Today is also the day that Mother Teresa said was her birthday as she was baptized on August 27th, though born on August 26th (100 years ago). Lyndon Baines Johnson was born today. So too one of my best friends in junior high school — both of us then sopranos in a funeral home boys choir — Nicholas Scogna, who is now off living a good life in Florida. And another friend in later years, Brian Strom. Brian and I didn’t sing. He played the trumpet, and we ran.
Pee Wee Herman (Paul Reubens) was born today as well. Happy birthday Pee Wee!
Former Nebraska Senator and New School President Bob Kerrey was born today. He and his team are interested in possible shifts in US-Cuba policy and Bob will soon head the Motion Picture Association of America. Very cool job. (Samuel Goldwyn was born today, Bob.)
And lastly. . .was just walking on a street in Shanghai and saw that Tom Ford’s next store is opening there. Happy Birthday Tom.
So, all best to all of you, particularly Ben Katcher who is off to Turkey soon and should be blogging here before long — and yes, it’s my day too!
— Steve Clemons


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