I JUST DOWNLOADED GOOGLE’S NEW SEARCH TOOL that looks for items on your own computer, buried in files or email. It’s staggeringly good and fast.
I read about the tool in this Washington Post article and wanted to make sure that others knew about it. I spent much of the day Saturday looking for a specific file that someone sent me some time ago about Abu Ghraib, and I could not find it. It took less than a second to find it once I used this Google tool.
So, nothing controversial here — just an enthusiastic product endorsement that will enhance your efficiency on your own computer.
Truth in advertising moment — Eric Schmidt, the CEO of Google is on my board of directors at the New America Foundation, and has absolutely nothing to do with my enthusiasm for this new search device. He used to be the CEO of Novell — and I never once said anything nice about Novell’s lan network systems.
Have fun with it.
— Steve Clemons