Everyone Pushing New Boundaries on Obama


Since the Republican red tide swept across America on November 2nd, President Obama has been threatened by Republicans who want to roll back key provisions of his health care reform, are threatening to derail the START Treaty, and want to pull the plug on as much Obama-crafted policy as possible.
On the international front, the Germans, Chinese and Japanese are resisting America’s proposals on economic rebalancing — i.e., they buy more and we spend less; the South Koreans play hard ball and resist provisions of a free trade agreement that they used to want; the North Koreans commit the worst act of military aggression since the 1953 armistice; and Israel continues to defy White House pressure to act responsibly in the peace talks process.
Obama just isn’t having an easy time — and now as CNN’s Ed Henry reports, one of his own friends gives President Obama an elbow in the mouth — requiring 12 stitches.
The President needs to take a time out and come out with a new team and new plan to take on, well, just about everybody — friend and foe alike.
— Steve Clemons


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