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Julia Watson has a terrific food and restaurant blog eat Washington that I have been checking up on frequently. I’m not intimidated by much, but I do find that I get nervous thinking about cooking — and even more rattled actually doing it, particularly when other humans are involved.
So instead, I occasionally read about the ‘food scene’ via Julia Watson’s meanderings. I’ve been the beneficiary of many a great meal at a home she shares with her journalist husband, Martin Walker.
This week, Julia interviews Nora Pouillon – proprietor of Restaurant Nora, the first certified organic restaurant in America that is the site of many of my New America Foundation salon dinners which the New York Times mentioned a while back.
Just last night, I was hosting and chairing a dinner at Nora’s featuring Rob Atkinson of the Internet Technology and Information Foundation speaking about “innovation economics” and how we need a new framework for economic policy that differs from classic Keynesianism, or Supply Side ideology, or Rubinomics. It was an interesting session made better by the incredible food at Nora’s and the excellent audience.
I wish I could somehow transport TWN readers into one of these dinners and may figure out a way to do that via video on some next occasion — perhaps with Senator Chuck Hagel speaking. We’ll see.
— Steve Clemons


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