105,000 More to Go


ABC News is reporting that the Pentagon hopes to pull 30,000 troops out of Iraq if conditions are right on the ground.
The condition that most matters most to the White House and our President, “the decider,” is the proximity to election day on November 7, 2006.

— Steve Clemons


10 comments on “105,000 More to Go

  1. hydrocodone says:

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  2. avaroo says:

    I think it would be wonderful if 30,000 troops could come home in the near future.


  3. Mythbuster says:

    How many troops does it take to protect oil company employees and Halliburton? We know 150,000 is not enough to protect Iraqis. But I guess 138,000 is enough to protect the money people who wanted this awful war. There hasn’t been a day since 2003 that I haven’t felt ashamed of my country.


  4. dahreese says:

    Those troops will come out, conditions or no conditions. Gotta make it look good for the upcoming elections.


  5. pgl says:

    The security conditions in Iraq would suggest we need more troops not less. But then Bush’s poll numbers are down to 32% – so it’s cut & run time!


  6. G. says:

    Don’t the Republicans care about what is right?
    Why is everything 110% politics with them??
    The ends justify the means with the Bush Admin.


  7. CharlesJordan says:

    Isn’t there serious problems in Kirkuk? over who’s going to control the oil there.


  8. RichF says:

    Not sayin this means anything, but…
    … according to TalkingPointsMemo, th AP, and CNN (variously), Fitzgerald is meeting with the grand jury, and Karl Rove will be with them this afternoon.
    I have no take on the upshot here. But after the ruckus on Fitz’s whereabouts here earlier…
    Just sayin’.
    (April 26, 2006 — 11:28 AM EST // link)
    Fitz huddles with grand jury.
    Update: CNN confirms that Karl Rove will be there.
    — Paul Kiel
    Scripps Howard News Service


  9. Canuck Stuck in Muck says:

    In other news, the Pentagon is also hoping that, very soon, their new stealth pigs will fly…


  10. Kate says:

    Bingo! Dear Decider, Coup Coup Ka-Coup, naked agressor cum emperor sans-culottes, will wrap himself in the flag ever more tightly as the election grows near. But, beware the ides of October, both 2006 and 2008. Alas … we are so dead … .


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