<em>The Washington Realist</em> Launches Today


Would you buy a used car from this man?
That’s what one of the covers of a high school book I had on Machiavelli asked. Machiavelli, of course, is one of the patron saints of high octane realism.
Nikolas Gvosdev (pictured above) is Editor of The National Interest and is a Senior Fellow at the Nixon Center. He’s a thoughtful, provocative guy — who likes to wrestle with people and ideas. . .but more ideas than people. He’s one of the folks I had guest blog when I was traveling in the summer — and he provoked some of you to such a point that you were very eager for me to return.
Gvosdev is launching his own blog, The Washington Realist, today — and we look forward to applauding and jousting with him frequently.
Recently, Nikolas Gvosdev and Nixon Center President and latter-day-Kissinger to Richard Nixon, Dimitri Simes, penned this response to Charles Krauthammer’s bitter October 30th Washington Post rebuke against Brent Scowcroft’s revelations in a recent New Yorker Magazine article. It’s well worth reading.
Congrats on the blog launch, Nick.
— Steve Clemons