Robert George’s Republicanism Deserves Applause


Truth in advertising. Robert George is a friend of mine — but we became friends by a long string of intellectual, policy, and political jousting matches that have spanned many years. He used to be a person deeply embedded in the Republican Party’s message and mystiqe, but “his faith” — let’s call it — has been strongly shaken.
Read this powerful material that Robert shares today on his fellow Republicans and their insensitivity to the mostly black, sometimes white and latin, impoverished and now itinerant citizens of New Orleans.
Dems want Robert George to jump ship. I want Robert to remain a Republican — and want to keep showing the tension between those who are reasonable and sensible in that party and those who are just whacko ideologues.
Robert keeps thinking I’m a Democrat. He is wrong, but I’m fully willing to become one again if the Dems get their house in order, or if those I am helping to coax forward get a serious place at the helm of the party. Until then, I want neither party — and will remain independent. The Republican ship is not one that can be hijacked right now. But the Democratic Party is floundering and much is possible, and that’s why my intentions and aspirations (to some degree) tilt in that direction.
But after hearing Senator Chuck Hagel declare his obstinacy before the lord of the White House manor that asking questions of one’s government, or one’s president, is not disloyal and is in fact patriotic — and hearing Rita Hauser, one of the mainstays of the Republican Party in New York, state that the White House has frittered away American prestige in the world; and now hearing Robert George make his case against those at the helm of his own party, well. . .
. . .at a point, the mathematics show that an insurgency might just be brewing — still very embryonic — inside the Republican party that would be healthy for the nation.
— Steve Clemons